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Unleash the Power of Giving 


My brother Terry Weaver has lived in Lahaina for the past 25 years. Over the years his artwork and craftsmanship has been sort out by many businesses and residents of Lahaina.  On Tuesday August 8th around 5:30 EST I chatted with my brother. He was concerned about the extreme high winds that were generated by Hurricane Dora off the coast. He thought it was just one of those storms with nothing to worry about. At that time, he wasn’t aware of any fires until later that evening. His curiosity got the best of him, off he went to check out what was happening on his bike, Terry said the winds were so strong it knocked him off his bike. As he looked down the street, he could see the flames coming in his direction.  It didn’t take long before the fire took over the area and he was forced to leave his treehouse.  With not a lot of time he wasn’t able to get many things to take with him.  A hamper of clothes, some of his guitars, important papers.  Leaving behind so many pieces of art, photos and memories of the celebrations, parties with the Lindsey family, and friends’ gatherings that took place on the property.  The Treehouse was a magic place, every inch of it had been Terry’s energy and his artwork along with his craftsmen touches to it. It was one of a kind, just as Terry Michael Weaver is.

Starting over is not an easy task to take on. I ask on behalf of my brother Terry for any assistance you can give.  Right now, as I am typing this Terry is assisting many residents working and directing them to the right people to help them. Even though his treehouse is now a just a mound of dust, with nothing for him to go back to. Sometimes the Universe has different plans for us.


My heart goes out to all the families you have lost, a dear family member as well has their business and treasured homes.  The angels will watch over and the city will come back to the Beauty it once was.

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